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Let's face it!

We all have different opinions when it comes to using an Airbnb. Some of us have used them for almost every family holiday, boys trip, girls weekend and couples escape. Then there are those who really don't like the inconsistency of them and the uncertainty of even really getting your monies worth. The one thing I will admit is that there is nothing worse than organising this amazing trip for whatever occasion and when you arrive and walk in the doors, the excitement is sometimes squashed quick fast. The little cottage airbnb you were so looking forward to that described a warm and cosy living space where you could rug up around the fire with a glass of wine. Has now turned into an absolute disaster where the blankets smell like another person, the glasses you're meant to drink from are dirty and lets not get started on the sleeping situation.


Well, you've only got one option!

You contact the host (Who is most probably NOT a top host) and express your concerns. You may in the end, get some type of a refund which may make the stay a little more appealing. Once you've left the Airbnb, I recommend writing a review. A GENTLE but STRAIGHT TO THE POINT review. Don't insult the host as this is their opportunity to step it up. People ALWAYS read the reviews!!! These are hard to get rid of and the host will have to make changes or risk losing a lot of business, and business means income.


Ok, so you own an AIRBNB and have noticed that your reviews and comments aren't exactly what you hoped, or maybe you're not getting the interest you expected. . You thought your little abode was naturally going to bring in some income which is great and it would be a no brainer. Put some cushions out, some wine and take some pics and VWALAA! Done!

Nope, oh how you were wrong. So the guests haven't been too happy with their stay and some may have requested a refund and or expressed their distaste for your decor. This might not mean much to you, but for the travellers out there that want affordable, clean and let's face it... just to get what they paid for. IT'S TIME TO STEP IT UP MY FRIEND!


When prepping your Airbnb, it is imperative that you make a list for EVERYTHING!

This means, a list of what you have upon entry for your holidayers. A list of what you want your holidayers to feel when they enter. A list of any upgrades that need to be done if you want to be able to offer a 5 star service and potentially make it to Top Host.


Luckily for you I am a lists person. I start from front door to back door and walk through with you whilst asking all the questions to find out what your end goal is.

I design your airbnb colour palette, furniture choices, linen, decor and everything in between. Once I have all of this, I STYLE FOR YOU. Your work is minimal and the end results will enable you to showcase your property for what it really is and everyones end goal is to gain more income and this will be achievable with the upgrades and styling.

No more hoping that "no one will notice the dirty wine glasses" .... Because they always do and so they should! They pay for an experience and they deserve to get what they've paid for.

So, If you are the owner of an Airbnb or you know someone that is, that could do with some vision then call me! I am in this business for the people and Airbnb is no different to a property I stage for sale. There is someone at the beginning and end of the project that will gain from my service. That's a win for me!

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