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Interior Decor

Partial Staging

A Partial staging package includes...

- Decor additions including soft furnishings and greenery. ​

- Decluttering of current decor and spaces if required.

- Selected spaces only ie: Living and master.

Why could this be your most suited option?

With a partial staging package, I recommend this based on two main reasons.

One. If the property is occupied. This means you live in it and will not be moving out until it is sold. The partial option allows me to fill in the blanks without disturbing your day to day activities. However, there will always be a "live in" fee to ensure the items are covered if anything should happen to them. 

Two. If your property is vacant, but the budget can't be stretched any further. I know that there are costs you outlay as the seller, so I offer this option if you only require a part of the property to be styled. Such as the master bed, the living and the dining. These spaces can be a make or break for the sale of your property. 

"Project was well within budget. Krysti-Glory was able to tailor the look using a combination of hired goods and some of our existing furniture. A very stylish and inviting design"

Hellen. H - Merrimac

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