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If you have just bought a property but are unsure of where to take it style wise, this package is for you. After your consultation, I create a set of mood boards dependant on the spaces you would like us to focus on. 

These boards will have a generalised pick of furniture, decor, greenery and additional recommendations. I also add in your flooring type and paint colours so you can see the design I am aiming for. You will also be provided with current stores who may have sales on and even the benefits from becoming a member at some of the top decor and furniture stores. 

Once you receive the boards, they are yours to keep. You can head off using the information and boards provided to you to procure the pieces in your own time. 

**Minimum 2 spaces per client

Elegant Farmhouse

This family had purchased an old queenslander and renovated it. Once the home was done, they really didn't know what would be acceptable when it came to keeping its charm, but modernising it into the 21st century. So, I blended the soft tones of nature with relaxing darker tones. Still one of my favourites. 
Beach Master

This is a much loved style for homes close to the water and even more now, also for homes far from it. This apartment was only a street away from the beach and required some calm tones. I mixed the wheat tones of this bedhead with accents of dark woven baskets and cosy linen. 
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