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E-Design and How Does It Work?

E-Design is an ideal solution for those uncertain about how to upgrade a space. Whether it's a bedroom renovation or preparing for a new addition to the family, E-Design provides a practical approach to interior design.

My E-Design service includes customised mood boards for each space, accompanied by a design sourcing list that identifies where to find specific products. There's no need to rush; you'll have all the information you need to source items at your convenience.

**Minimum 2 spaces per client

Elegant Farmhouse

This family had purchased an old queenslander and renovated it. Once the home was done, they really didn't know what would be acceptable when it came to keeping its charm, but modernising it into the 21st century. So, I blended the soft tones of nature with relaxing darker tones. Still one of my favourites. 
Beach Master

This is a much loved style for homes close to the water and even more now, also for homes far from it. This apartment was only a street away from the beach and required some calm tones. I mixed the wheat tones of this bedhead with accents of dark woven baskets and cosy linen. 
Modern Farmhouse Living
A home with character is rare these days. So when I had the chance to design my clients newly purchased renovator. I used the high pitched farmhouse ceiling as inspo.

The neutral tones were a complete winner as they wanted decor they could potentially swap out as their family grows. But ultimately have a long lasting base to work with. 


This package is for those really lacking inspiration and drive when it comes to upgrading and designing a space. I have assisted with the curation and design of small spaces such as walk in wardrobes, kids rooms and bathrooms all the way to main bedroom floor plans, living space layout and furniture selection.

So...if you desire a space that brings you joy and creates a warm feeling in you... then let's chat. Design seems like a lot to handle, so sometimes just having another set of eyes to bring things to life, can be the answer. 

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