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My Story

Soul Styling Interiors was started in 2017 by me, Krysti-Glory!

Hi, I have always been an absolute creative. A creative of anything that is good for the soul. Hence, "Soul" Styling Interiors. It became a passion of mine which took off quickly, however my husband and I owned other businesses and they needed much more attention when covid hit. So in 2019, I took a break. But as covid made everything so much more difficult for us all, after the sale of our other businesses, I was craving a creative outlet. 

So here I am. BACK IN BUSINESS! and I am so looking forward to making your dreams a reality. 

I specialise in modern farmhouse interior styling. However, every style in between is just as important to me and comes just as naturally. So, from full or partial home staging packages, to your DIY inspirations package. If you're after that point of difference, Soul Styling Interiors has you covered.


Selling your home isn't always a stress free one. I am here to open the door for you to walk through happily into your new venture. 

Please, don't hesitate to reach out. No matter how small. 

Krysti-Glory xx



" I loved working with Krysti-glory from Soul Styling Interiors. She is really up front about everything and went above and beyond to help us create the type of home I've wanted for so long. She helped us with flooring ideas and paint, ultimately her styling ideas were exactly what I wanted " 

Jan - Runaway Bay

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