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My Story

Ciaò, I am Krysti-Glory (aka KG), the face, the curator and soul behind Soul Styling Interiors. 

Soul Styling Interiors was born in 2017, but sadly, as my husband and I co-owned other businesses, we needed to focus on those when COVID hit. So, I sold everything and sat on it until last year when I decided I had missed my creative outlet and spent the next two months relaunching.


During my 'quiet' period, I had another baby, became a uni student, built a tiny home, and have now begun my journey back into styling and design. Last year was HUGE, with over 20 million worth of staged properties, and I don't plan on stopping there. I focus so much on tailoring my service to my client's needs and goals as I believe not everyone wants the same outcome. And this makes a difference to my overall ability to work with clients.


My specialty is modern farmhouse and homes with character; however, every style is my style, and I know how much an update can do for a property in need.


Selling your home can be so stressful, and the soul foundation for SSI is that my clients come first. So, whether you're selling, buying, an Airbnb owner, or just require an honest and genuine chat to see what your options are, Soul Styling Interiors is the answer.


Curator, Stylist and Designer


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